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Usually, only the children of immigrants speak Chinese daily at home. Some parents have taken steps, such as sending them to Chinese school, to ensure their children retain ties to their heritage. Hong Kong’s written Cantonese language has never been formally standardized, and this is why there is much variation in the way it is written. In Hong Kong there is no formal body of Cantonese-language experts who have been officially appointed by the government and explicitly entrusted with the task of looking after the Cantonese language by standardizing its pronunciation and written form. The fifth process is actually a more specific kind of phoneticization as described above for the 2nd process. Some individual English letters whose syllabic pronunciations are perceived as being similar to Cantonese morphosyllables are borrowed into written Cantonese to transcribe these morphosyllables.

abc chinese slang

We’re the children of first-generation sacrifice. I was born under the expectation of gaining a certain credibility and earning my place in this country. For Asian parents, the fastest way for us to do so is to fill limited, predestined roles by feeding us into the build-a-doctor/lawyer/engineer machine. And to give us a fighting chance at success by this definition meant pushing us to study, practice, and achieve. Before we are even able to comprehend our inclinations or dislikes, we are forced onto skills like a compulsory love of music that teaches us the discipline and work ethic to prime us for the long haul ahead. Through elements as big as language or as small cut fruit, the identity of the ABC bears the marks of transposed Chinese culture and the burden of the first-generation immigrant experience.

They would rather protect a discredited journalist than address the insane and hateful comments that come from one of their favorite TV people.ABC set the media-approved standard this week for misbehavior. When someone does something this disgusting, their show is canceled. I realize that terms like banana, coconut, Twinkie, FOB, ABC, ABCD, etc. are terms that probably exist because the various generations of immigrants are still figuring out their place in America.

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The Chinese characters are read with their usual, regular standard Cantonese pronunciations and meanings; that is, they are used in written Cantonese according to their traditional phonetic-semantic etymological development just as in modern standard Chinese. The meanings and usages of many lexical items that are written with standard Chinese characters are essentially identical in both Chinese varieties. As for the process of transforming Cantonese speech into its corresponding written form, we must recognize there is a mismatch between the inventory of Cantonese morphosyllables that occur in speech and the standard Chinese characters. This mismatch or disjunct has everything to do with the very early formation and historically-complex evolution through language contact of the Cantonese language with various Sinitic and non-Sinitic languages. Furthermore, because there are more Cantonese morphosyllables in the Cantonese syllabary than there are standard Chinese characters with suitable pronunciations for writing the morphosyllables, writing Cantonese words has been made that much more difficult.

abc chinese slang

Very frequently example sentences are necessary for students to know how to use entries from this category actively. Although Hong Kong’s written Cantonese has often been severely condemned and criticized by education authorities, academic experts, and community leaders for undermining the modern standard written Chinese language – yet paradoxically – written Cantonese continues to thrive in this community. In contrast to the 2nd process described above, we also find the opposite process of semantic substitution by which some standard Chinese characters are read only for their meanings with the corresponding colloquial Cantonese morphosyllables that are etymologically-unrelated but are semantically-equivalent to the standard Chinese characters. When the process of semanticization operates on the standard Chinese characters, the etymologically-derived pronunciations of the standard Chinese characters are ignored. As one way to learn more about the Cantonese lexicon I have tried to make it a daily habit of reading Hong Kong’s most popular newspaper, namely, 《蘋果日報》ping4 gwo2 jat6 bou3Apple Daily, as many of its articles are written in colloquial Cantonese and Hong Kong Chinese. Secondly, it is with great pleasure that I also dedicate this dictionary to the Cantonese-speaking people of Hong Kong whose fascinating, marvelous, mesmerizing, and distinctive 香港粵語 hoeng1 gong2 jyut6 jyu5 or 港語 gong2 jyu5 hit directly upon my ears for the first time on my first trip to Hong Kong during a spring break back in 1974. As my ears had been accustomed to hearing mainly Mandarin and Taiwanese spoken around me back in Taiwan where I had begun studying Cantonese, so Hong Kong Cantonese felt amazingly, refreshingly, and happily different.

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And that, to me, is the greatest issue. As criticisms, these terms (as with many slurs or “sorta slurs” used in the west) assume white, western culture as the gauge for normal.

  • First there are those characters that individually have no meaning of their own but require one or more companion characters to form a meaningful word.
  • E.g. qiǎng 抢 is a bound form meaning ‘take emergency measures’ in qiǎngshòu 抢收 but a free form as a verb meaning ‘pillage’.) In addition to these meaningful bound forms, which we define and illustrate with one or more examples, there are many characters which have no meaning of their own but simply represent a syllabic sound.
  • We wanted to create a space where people could connect with each other – where cultural differences are celebrated and understanding is cultivated.
  • 𥄫 gap6 ‘to keep an eye on, fix one’s gaze on, closely watch ’.喼 gip1 ‘bag, grip’ ⇐ English grip.𥇣 gwat6 ‘to glare at ; to glance at ’.咭 kaat1 ‘card’ ⇐ English card.佢 keoi5 ‘he, she, it’, cf.
  • The ASL fingerspelling provided here is most commonly used for proper names of people and places; it is also used in some languages for concepts for which no sign is available at that moment.

It was during that early visit to Hong Kong that I realized that my study of Cantonese was opening another window through which to view, understand, and appreciate the Chinese language from a broader perspective. Since that time I have been profoundly inspired by witnessing first-hand here in Hong Kong the fervent love that Cantonese-speaking Hongkongers deeply feel for their very own Hong Kong Cantonese language.

Roberts is correct in stating that Chinese, due to their heavy emphasis on ancestry, believe essentially that once born Chinese, always Chinese. China has even created terms like “overseas Chinese” and a corresponding visa category to welcome “returnees” back at any time. The US is an immigrant nation, so of course they wouldn’t have a similar outlook. However, it can still be argued that Americans emphasize their heritage and ancestry just as much as the Chinese, albeit in each respective subculture.

Explanatory Notes And Examples

For many lexical entries at least one example sentence has been included in order to demonstrate how the head words are used in Cantonese. Explanatory material on cultural, historical, and political associations of head words. Explanatory information on the cultural, historical, and political aspects of some head words has been included in the entry where this information is deemed particularly revealing, appropriate, and helpful for the reader’s better understanding of the word’s meaning and usage. The parts of speech or abc chinese slang syntactic categories to which the head words belong, such as noun, verb, stative verb, fixed expression, etc., are so indicated; in the case of nouns, their classifiers have also been included. I hereby express my gratitude for this Award which was presented to me by theSouth China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s oldest English-language newspaper and Sino Group, one of Hong Kong’s leading property developers. It is my great pleasure to contribute a preface to Robert S. Bauer’sABC Cantonese-English Comprehensive Dictionary .

Many characters are bound in some meanings but free in others. For example, 2shēng 生, in addition to being bound in the meaning of ‘student’, is also bound in its meaning of ‘life’, as in shēnghuó ‘life, livelihood’ and shēngsǐ ‘life and death’. But in the meaning ‘to give birth’ or ‘to be born’ it is a free word, a verb. We label recording transactions such characters B.F., for ‘bound form’, when they occur only in compound words; and those that are bound in some meanings and free in others are labeled accordingly in the several sub-definitions within their entries. As pointed out above, it is a given in linguistics that speech is primary, but writing a language is secondary.

abc chinese slang

If you’re a FOB you can’t normalize; if you’re a banana you’re a try-hard who’s abandoned your culture in order to gain acceptance. That word has long been an albatross around the neck of the Asian ledger account community. Terms containing the reduplication of one or two basic syllables. Examples include XXYY reduplication, e.g. mǎmahūhū ‘so-so’, and XYY reduplication, e.g. lěngbīngbīng ‘very cold’.

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Like many immigrants, ABCs are often lost in a cultural gap, especially if they are the first generation born in the United States. It may seem that Chinese is an inclusionary term, but the ABCs have discovered that the Chinese church does not include them. Failing to be guided by cultural considerations will result in the continuing loss of our ABC adult children and a failure to attract other ABCs in the community. To identify an individual as being born in a certain country clearly affirms adjusting entries the culture in which the individual has been trained and raised. Faces persistence in using the term ABC is due to the criticalness of recognizing the issue as a cultural one. The Moonrise team would like to acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of the land we call our home base – Australia. We acknowledge that we operate on the traditional lands of the Whadjuk people of the Noongar nation , and the Gadigal people of the Eora nation .

The Abc

It’s supposed to be funny and/or informational. According to the Pin Pin Chinese dictionary, the closest direct translation into English for this expression is “I can’t make heads or tails of this,” but it also works as an adjective meaning baffling or puzzling. “My ABC friends all love it while my Chinese friends hate it,”wrote the reviewer Mr.Charles, who lives in Washington DC. His shorthand “ABC” refers to American-born Chinese, who are culturally different from Chinese people.

Anyone different than you and the community you identify with can be your “other”. Have students hunt for visual and verbal examples of stereotyping throughout the book. Compare and contrast the visual and verbal means Yang uses to portray these stereotypes. Discuss how cultural values, folklore, styles, and preferences are woven into each of Yang’s three stories. Divide the class into groups, each one representing a different racial / social / religious minority. Have them research the folklore of their target group and select their favorite tale. Then, have them write a script and reenact that story for the class.

A term that occurs so infrequently or has such unclear syntactic behavior that its part of speech cannot be determined with assurance, if at all. Without indication of a measure word either does not ordinarily have one, or can take the general measure word ge or a collective measure word such as zhǒng ‘sort; kind’ and duī ‘pile’. Square brackets enclose the traditional character equivalent for the preceding character. It draws on an extensive range of sources to present in one volume more entries than any other dictionary of comparable size. It has been compiled with the aid of computers and lends itself to further development in electronic as well as printed form. In these efforts it is especially necessary to give support to reform-minded Chinese who, unequivocally rejecting any idea of abandoning characters, insist on the need to modernize Chinese writing through a policy of “digraphia,” that is, literacy both in characters and in pinyin.

However, there are certain types of nouns in Chinese that actually do inherently contain a salient enough sense of location that the inclusion of additional location information about that noun is largely unnecessary. These special nouns are called place words, and include names of countries, e.g.

‘Finish’ is the end result of eating, and ‘ending up over here’ is the final result of picking sth. These verb-complement constructions (see CMP. above) are labeled here as resultative verb constructions, even though some people might call ná guòlai by a different name. For both types of constructions it is further possible to indicate the potential for the goal of that action to be realized. That potential or lack of potential is indicated by inserting an infix (see INF. above) -de- or -bu- directly between the main verb and the complement that follows it, e.g. chīdewán ‘able to finish sth. If one tries’, ná bu guòlai ‘unable to bring sth. A complement is a post-verbal syllable, word, phrase or sentence that indicates the end result of the action carried out by the main verb.

A conjunction is a word that joins phrases or sentences together to form a larger sentence or chunk of thought. Some examples include érqiě ‘furthermore’, suīrán ‘although’, suǒyǐ ‘therefore’, jiù ‘then’ and yàoburán ‘otherwise’. It depends mostly on the parents and the environment of the kid growing up. Some immigrant parents take their kids back to their home countries fairly often to help with language development.